Oldist Cascade 29 hull #8

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Oldist Cascade 29 hull #8

Post  Dave98282 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:16 pm

It's great to new life showing up at Cascade. My boat is 1964, hull #108 (#Cool. hUll is still in perfect condition. This maybe one of the few factory finished boats produced with lots of teak and mahogany down below. My wife and I bought her four years ago, sailed her for two years and for the last two have had her on the hard getting her ready to head for the south Pacific. I had a Cal 29 and I think this boat out sails the Cal. Having a bulbed keel in 64, it was a head of it's time. We will send some pictures as she nears completion. Plan to leave fall of 2011. Name of the boat is Chrysalis II, as Chrysalis I was a 68 Coranado 25. I will only own hand laid hulls, no cored materails.

Dave and Leiann Scee cdavidscee@msn.com


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