Panama City, Florida on Gulf of Mexico

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Panama City, Florida on Gulf of Mexico

Post  DaedalusK on Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:30 pm

My Cascade 42 hull was originally purchased in 1972 by Clayton Royce, a marine architect/engineer living in Tacoma, Washington. He later retired and moved to Panama City, Florida, and had the boat shipped with him. Mr. Royce died in 1998 after years of illness precluded work on the boat, and it sat, unfinished, in a specially built barn until I purchased it in 2000. I had it moved to my backyard where I spent the next 4 1/2 years finishing the work. S/V Sanctuary was launched in 2004.

I have the original purchase order from Yacht Constructors, Inc. He paid $4,950 for the hull with 1 1/2" of freeboard added, plus $2,695 for bulkheads, deck beams, floors, keelson, chain plates, and 2 molded head units. The total cost was $7,645. The order was signed by Wade Cornwell, one of the originators of Yacht Constructors, Inc.

You can see a picture of S/V Sanctuary in the slide show on the home page of Cascade Yachts. She is boat with the green hull and green canvas shown from the starboard side.

I have averaged sailing about 1,500 miles/year since lanuching. Other than one trip to Isla Majeres, Mexico, all of the sailing has been in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys.


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