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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:44 am

Feel free to post new topics here if you're selling part(s) for a Cascade, or if you have a Cascade boat for sale. Feel free to post links to ads your running in other places (craigslist,,,, etc). For your protection from spam and such, we recommend NOT posting any personal contact information. Instead, use the "Private Message" (PM) function of the forum to establish first contact. (Sends a message to your inbox within the forum, log in and click the "Messages" button on the top of the page towards the right side to check. Postings in the Classifieds category older than 90 days may be deleted if they appear to no longer be relevant (ie, if the boat's been sold).

For the best visibility, post your ad as a new topic, ask questions pertaining to that particular boat/item(s) as replies to that post

Feel free to post anything Cascade or Cascade related including
Boats, and links to other places you have a boat ad listed
Project vessels
Other marine hardware, equipment, and components

Please note, postings from commercial vendors may be removed if simply presenting as an ad, unless specifically related to Cascade


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